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I help fair, ambitious, and passionate people to make a difference.

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My initiatives

Catalyze the future

I've always been passionate about communication.

It goes from the study of body language to branding.

My philosophy at the time: if you want something done right, do it yourself.

A few years ago, I decided to create communication tools during the day and dig into the vast subject of communication at night outside work. I became the Batman, at least the communication nerd version of him. I learned to whiz code by day and to understand social dynamics by night.

Being young and revolted, I got tired of seeing people doing shit in their jobs after a while. So I tried to do everything by myself.

The non-exhaustive list of my whims:

  • Pushing personal development as far as possible.

  • Articulating the profound vision of companies through radically differentiating branding strategies that bring a real soul to these brands.

  • Create fast, secure, story-driven websites that allow pure, frictionless communication.

  • Streamline, standardize and make maintainable the creation of digital products (apps, websites, ...).

  • Allow entrepreneurs to gain confidence in themselves and overcome their fears with courage.

Simply put, some people play soccer, golf, or pétanque on weekends. I prefer to go out on the field to understand and solve problems.

I have spent the last few years, in my Batcave and on the streets of Gotham, trying to break down communication problems for myself, those around me, and my clients.

Over time, I realized that I had fucked up!

People don't make shit. More often than not, they mean well. More often than not, they have dreams, fantasies, and passions. They often lack methods, help, or people who believe deeply in them and support them.

If I have learned anything, it is that: alone, we go fast... together, we go far. Whether solo, in a couple, or at work, we must learn to share, communicate and grow intelligently together.

PROVOK is the real “me” behind Alban Mezino. PROVOK is me behind the mask I was given at birth. PROVOK is my attempt to help the world by really giving of myself.

The mask comes off. My real contribution starts today. 2023 marks the exit from my cave. And for that, I need you.

Yes, this letter is addressed to you. Addressed to the fair, ambitious, and passionate human who reads these words behind a cloud of pixels.

Several solutions are available if you, too, want to help the world and see it grow and evolve for the better. But before we get into the solution and all the pragmatism, we need to talk about emotion.

For years, you have been lied to. You don't have to be a proactive leader who is always optimistic and works 24/7 to make a difference. You can join a movement, believe in something, or do a little good for yourself and those around you daily.

Now that we've said that, many solutions are available to you. Nobody buys a drill. Everybody buys a hole in the wall. These solutions are only tools. The important thing is the concept.

If you want to find, understand, and correctly use the right tools for the project you wish to do, I can help you.