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PROVOK is an entrepreneur driven by a passion for rightness, communication, and sharing. He helps the world solve communication problems through his various initiatives. He is CEO of Mental Breakdown and Spacefold.

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  • Looking at my fat self in the mirror, I had a revelation.

    First things first, I live to share with people. And so was my chubby 15 years old self. The one problem at this age... only might is right. That year:

    • I failed to get the girl I had a crush on.
    • I lost my best friend because he was becoming popular.

    Why? Simply because, in a mid-school teenager’s mind, you can’t talk like the jungle king and not look like it. I was trying to roar like a lion while looking like a zebra.

    In a nutshell, I realized I wasn’t communicating who I was the way I wanted to.

  • How body-language saved my life?

    I gained about 20 centimeters and lost weight thanks to my willpower. In short, I was not looking like a zebra anymore. The real challenge was to learn how to really roar.

    I started reading about non-verbal communication, NLP, communication strategies, patterns, etc. For years I watched videos. I listened to podcasts. Read blog articles and books about the same subject: communication.

    One thing led to another. I had an idea! What if I learned how to master communicating with people. What if I could learn how to:

    • Engineer robust, powerful, and sharp strategies.
    • Create clean, custom, and goal-oriented designs.
    • Make fast, spirited, and secure communication tools.
  • What I realized.

    To engineer robust, powerful, and sharp strategies, I read books, talked with people, watched movies with a critical eye, and advised people.

    I quickly realized that authenticity is vital. You can learn to better share your story, but you can’t lie about it.

    I also understood that differentiation is radical by nature. Most strategists are all bark, no bite... When working on your brand strategy and identity, remember: dogs don’t meow.

    To create clean, custom, and goal-oriented designs, I worked for years as a full-stack web developer and got shi*ty prototypes from designers that don’t know how to do their work correctly. 

    To help, I consistently improved prototype design processes to reduce technical debt and designer x dev’s lack of communication.

    It helped me remember that humans are only animals able to create and use tools... thus, we have to remember that they must fulfill a purpose. This is why useless tools can only be made by tools.

    Finally, to make fast, spirited, and secure communication tools:

    • I got an associate’s degree in computer science.
    • Graduated valedictorian at ECV.
    • Did 4 years as a full-stack web developer.
    • Became a freelance designer & full-stack developer.

    At one point, it became clear that I had to make something big from all of this. That's why I made Mental Breakdown and Spacefold.

  • Why name a company Mental Breakdown?

    Calm down, you fuc*ing TL;DR people.

    Above, we talked about the fact that differentiation is radical by nature.

    So just by saying our name, you know that we don’t bark; we bite.


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