Vision without action is a dream.Action without vision is a nightmare.Wake up.


The number of opportunities available to us is endless. It is our ability to seize these opportunities that determine our chances of ending up with something or not.

We all have the potential to be remarkable. To achieve more than we think we can. To step up to a new level.

There is no magic pill. We all have the same abilities. It's up to us to do something with them. Greatness is nothing you are born with. We all have to work for it. It takes time. But time is nothing when we have a lifetime ahead of us.

So even if you don't find it today or tomorrow. Keep looking for it because, at some point, you will find greatness. And when you do, everything becomes worth it.

Every early morning, every late night, every tear, every celebration, every drop of sweat, every reward. Everything we accomplish will be earned.

You'll have everything you could ever want to achieve in the palm of your hand. Impossible is just a word when we decide to throw away excuses.

Whenever things get tough, whenever you struggle, whenever the pain sets in. Remember why you started. Remind yourself you have the chance to be great. Remind yourself that you have the opportunity to align your words, your actions, and their consequences on those around you.

This is your chance. Take it.

You are not alone.

When we are tired, we need a group to support us, recover, and get better. Our shared beliefs, ideas, and vision have always brought us together.

Your tribe is based on a simple creed. That creed is the certainty that your tribe, with its leaders, will change the world for the better. This belief will allow you to move forward, grow, and evolve.

Leaders have followers because they create change.

Without followers, a leader will never change anything. From this premise, you have two choices:

  • Become a leader and create the movement

  • Or follow the movement and make the change happen.

Either way, you will be working towards a vision.

It will not necessarily be your role to articulate it; it is your duty to try and achieve it.

But beware, an unclear vision is a dangerous one. A vague vision leads to different interpretations. Multiple visions will only scatter your tribe's efforts, ultimately leading to its demise. The truth is that a vision cannot and should not be imposed. A single individual should never impose his selfish vision of the future upon a group of individuals. One must articulate the group's vision. The leader's only job is to make that vision palpable, memorable, and inspiring to create movement.

The crowds found Martin Luther King. Crowds found Mohandas Gandhi. Crowds found Steve Jobs. Groups find, follow and support visionaries. It's time to let people find you, whether you're a leader or a follower.

Share. Communicate. Grow. Love.

Your courage is what makes you remarkable. It's your patience that gets you noticed. Your ability to love makes you appreciated, respected, and known. With your family, friends, relationships, and work, your love for others and yourself determines your happiness level.

Happiness is not a state; it is a habit. Happiness is made of small actions. Happiness is allowing yourself to dream. Happiness is sharing. Happiness is forgiving. Happiness is choosing to build rather than destroy. Happiness is not achieved. Happiness is created every day.

Of course, building things requires energy. Destroying is easy. Destroying is a relief... only in the moment. That's why you need to surround yourself with the right people. You have to know yourself and understand yourself. You must create a context that allows you to communicate, grow and love.

That's how you and your tribe will be able to evolve at home, with your family, or at work.

The future.

Tomorrow is a today that has slept too much. Wake up. The future is built in the present. We have the power to shape an indecently decent future.

There is no magic formula for building. But that's okay because we have the right ingredients. Building requires us to :

  • Come together to grow better.

  • Love ourselves and others to face our daily lives.

  • Mobilize considerable courage to face our deepest fears.

  • Make ourselves vulnerable to discovering alterity.

  • Align ourselves to understand our identity.

  • Learn to take our time, to be patient.

  • Following a vision to find a whole new set of options.

From these ingredients, the recipe is improvised. The dish is not always a success. Some days it will be a little less good. On other days it will taste much better. But what is certain is that by cooking a little bit of “Homemade Construction” every day, our ability to improve the world is only strengthened.

Embrace the fear. That's how you'll find courage. Learn to be with yourself, and love your solitude. That's how you'll really enjoy being with others. Learn to love yourself to better love others. Understand alterity, and accept your vulnerability to make room for the openness of others. Get to know, acknowledge, and define yourself so that you don't forget who you are in the eyes of others. Since all this is important, be patient. Take your time. No matter what happens, you have time. Trust yourself, and choose your beliefs. Follow the vision that makes you vibrate, the one you choose to realize. Discover life and get off survival mode.


As we said, there is no magic recipe for building the future. We know the ingredients. All we need are the utensils. There is no magic trick without props.

We, humans, act like a huge chemical reaction. We are the reactants of an incredible transformation. Every day, we react by colliding with each other. We come out of it grown, awakened, and transformed. Only, sometimes the reaction is slower. Sometimes it doesn't work out as expected. Sometimes, it does not happen at all.

To overcome the problem and always exchange, revolutionize, and evolve more ... humans have a ready-made technique. We create tools, methods, and other processes to help us grow. Whether they are palpable or not, digital or analog, these creations are catalysts. In the professional world as in the personal life. Isolated or grouped. What we need is to be catalyzed.

However, by dint of creating more and more tools, we sometimes need to remember their purpose: to help us.

This is why I am writing these few paragraphs. To remind us that our tools are nothing without the concept they serve. Our tools are meant to improve the chemistry between human beings: alchemy.

Let's create better catalysts. Let's use the right tools and methods to serve the right concepts. Let's build an ambitious society striving for justice, equity, and love.