Brands typical problems and their solutions

January 30, 2023 / Branding

Understand where you are. Allow yourself to evolve.

The lack of perspective.

It happens to all of us. We are too close, too long, to a given context. We have our heads stuck in the sand.

Simple solution: Hire someone not part of the project, company, or brand. What you need is a fresh look at a situation. You need perspective.

The vision problem.

Defining a vision is hard. Knowing where you want to go, how to get there, and articulating that to others is challenging. To do this exercise more efficiently, you need direction. That's the whole point of having a mission.

Before you can imagine how the battle will unfold, you must define the mission in depth. Then you associate objectives with being achieved along the way. Once you have this information, the vision comes by itself.

Pragmatic solution: Define the mission for the group. The vision will follow.

The new identity, graphic charter, and logo.

The truth is that your brand usually doesn't need a new paint job. 90% of the time, it's a symptom, not the real problem.

My advice: start by establishing the brand strategy. This is what will create a brand identity that is sustainable and consistent with what the brand really is at its core.

It's okay to ask about the paint job when the foundation is solid.

Redefine product positioning.

Your brand doesn't need to redefine its product positioning. It often starts with something much bigger: your brand itself.

Defining your brand's positioning will align all business and image thinking for the overall project.

Once this is done, we can talk about product positioning. Each positioned product must :

  • Add value to the overall brand portfolio.

  • Be in total alignment with the brand's positioning.

As long as these rules are respected, you can give yourself the latitude you want to experiment and play with your products' positioning.

Corporate culture.

Simple: Define the brand's core values together and in-depth. Then align everything with them.

Refreshing the brand identity without shocking the community.

Simple but not easy: You won't shock anyone if your new identity is aligned with what the brand deeply means to its community. Start by focusing on defining what your brand is at its core. Strategy. Positioning. Identity. You're all set.